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Welcome! Or Welcome Back!

Isn’t it amazing? I have my very own dot com name (thanks to the wonderful Eclecticfan). I know, I am easily pleased. Still, it is lovely to finally have all of my stuff housed in one spot. I discovered recently that I am quite prolific. Much more so than I originally thought. Thankfully, my dear, sweet, lovely friend Tremblingmoon made me an offer I couldn’t refuse: to archive, catalog, and design a webpage to hold all of my writing to date. When she suggested it, I honestly didn’t think that it would be that difficult a task. I was wrong. Apparently, I am even more verbose than I had hitherto believed, and there were a lot of stories to collect and archive.

I am completely in TM’s debt for the brilliance of her design and for all of her hard work. Hopefully, someone will find this site of interest. It contains all of my stories, drabbles, and ficlets from a wide range of fandoms. Thanks for dropping in and I do so hope that you find something to entertain you, to amuse you, to make you smile or even to think about that you had never considered before.

Enjoy and thanks again!



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